[Release] esx_allrounddealer

Does anyone know a solution to terrorism in the console with: server / main.lua: 38: attempt to call a nil value (global ‘CancelProcessing’)?

is fixed now :slight_smile:

I pulled to the repository, added mysql support

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Thanks a lot.

did u get it to let you buy items from it ?

How do i add more dealers?

You have to place an NPC in the config with a different zone name and dealer name and then in the client the existing query copy and paste with the name change in the config

i try to move the npc to another location and for some reason dont work i get the npc to the area i want but onece there he cant interact with the player i try restart several times nothing happens any help?

I have a problem
Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5
but i have ‘en’ in the script sooo…?
and also when i change it too ‘ger’ in the config it still says locale [en] does not exist

Hi how can i add an item i try in the config but is not showing up on the NPC

i try
Coke = 500 ( but is not showing up, and yes the item is on the sql )

did u find out

is it possible that you can only access the dealer with certain jobs?

you would need to write it on your own

Can someone send me the code to add items to the dealer? And where i need to place it. I can’t add items.

Nvm, i found it :smiley:

you need to do this:
Config.Allrounditems = {

Coke = 500,


i have a problem with this i trying to get en in the locals file but it keeps telling me it does not exsits any clue how to fix this thnks

did you manage to get it to work cause i have the same problem

i have no idea. It has bin along time ago for me

Hey…great script…when i change the g_m_y_ballasout_01 to another spawn code of NPC it wont spawn? any help would be awesome