[Release] esx_allrounddealer

Hey and welcome to my first Script.
Its an Script wich brings you the Possibility to Sell every Item you want on your Server

I just get the Idea when i see the buglary Script.
Credits go to the Creater from esx_drugs : https://github.com/ESX-Org/esx_drugs

It also have an own NPC Spawner Script inside where you can spawn NPCs for example inside Shops.

Just download it and drang and Drop it into your esx folder.
Download: https://github.com/NequZ/esx_allrounddealer
Add start allrounddealer into your Server.cfg and thats it

You also have the Possibiliy to start it when the Server is allready running.
Just Drag and Drop it Type “Refresh” into your console and than type “start esx_allrounddealer” .

I hope you like it. Its my first Script. Feel free to use it


Cool release :smiley: this is perfect for gang job

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Really nice man thanks I will Test it, thanks👌

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is very nice, good work

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Its a very nice plugin, cool idea!

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Would be cool if we could spawn a ped at random locations on timers and purchase drugs or ingredients from them.

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Yeah that was my idea to modify it that you can also buy things from him

Config.BlackMoney = false -- False = Normal Money | True = BlackMoney

Finally some good newbie-friendly commands, I love you.


@zNequZ thanks a lot and how can we use the NPC Spawner? :slight_smile:

Hello everyone i have no idea on what is happening but it dont work for me. I haven’t any menu showing. I got no errors. Can someone show me his Config ? i probably made some mistakes. Thx for your help

Edit, i got an error only when i’m leaving the server !

how can i make it to be able to sell weapons also, like Pistol n stuff?
i tried like this:
pistol = 23000,
and: WEAPON_PISTOL = 23000, but dosnt work.

how can i add item


Bug, when you open the menu then you move while its open. It will not open for the second time. https://streamable.com/zq0rr


I want to add custom item. How can I add that stuff?

Same bug, please fix :smiley:

Same here

In the client/main.lua, line 48, add menuOpen = false, like that :

if wasOpen then
	wasOpen = false
	menuOpen = false

Should work after that, just tested it myself and that’s ok. Good script, loving it :ok_hand:

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Got another bug to report.

If you sell drugs to the dealer using stasiek selldrugs once you’re done selling, the dealer simply walks off. I think he needs to be set into a freeze loop.

EDIT: Fixed it. Anyone else who wants to fix go to client/npc.lua and replace line 6 to 28 with this:


    for _,v in pairs(koordinaten) do
      while not HasModelLoaded(GetHashKey(v[7])) do
      RequestAnimDict("[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]")
      while not HasAnimDictLoaded("[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]") do
      ped =  CreatePed(4, v[6],v[1],v[2],v[3], 3374176, false, true)
	  while true do -- added this
      SetEntityHeading(ped, v[5])
      FreezeEntityPosition(ped, true)
      SetEntityInvincible(ped, true)
      SetBlockingOfNonTemporaryEvents(ped, true)
      TaskPlayAnim(ped,"[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]","base", 8.0, 0.0, -1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0)
    end -- extra end

maybe hopefully you can change the script around and actually make him sell stucc where we can buy ? oh and maybe a locale En

where is the dealer location please?