[Release] [ESX] 99kr-burglary

Hi, with the permission of @99kr i can post a update so you can rob random items in different places of the house, so with this update when you click “E” you are going to get a random item

Can someone heeelp? :frowning:


How can I do that if there is no police online, this task is not allowed to be triggered?

How can I do that if there is no police online, this task is not allowed to be triggered? :thinking:

where mysql

i love

Would you have converted it to vrpex? I just don’t know how to convert. It would help a lot.
Ps: Google Translator

Does anyone have a fully configured version which they could send me? As it only comes with one configured and I don’t fully understand how to create another one.

How can I do it to this to me it work with disc-inventoryhud , great work but i´d like to use it with disc inventoryhud

Hey mate i know this is old , But any chance to add specific items to certain spots only? , and whenever i exit a house i added to the config, when i exit it just throws me through the floor.

edit* fixed the falling through floor. Also managed to add more items and add them to pawn shop, but still trying to figure out how to add specific item to certain spots only.

Hello can you help me with my problem. I have this HouseRobbery in my server, it’s working. But if i just added the lockpick on my inventory. The house rob won’t work. It say’s that i don’t have lockpick in my inventory. I tried printing the variable LockPickAmount

Here is the result in the console in game when i use lockpick.

I have the items on database and i have lockpick on my inventory

User_inventory on database

You always must reconnect… that’s the problem of this script

how can i add dirty money or black money in searching? thanks!

looks good dude

How to add this nui —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvpTauxofE4&ab_channel=DanielGaming

no alert for police can somebody help me with it

my police dont get any notification, can somebody help me pls

You have to find a script yourself, using mojito_pawnshop_master myself :slight_smile:

am i the only one that gets an error when i try to put it in the database? the error is (1054): unknown column ‘id’ in ‘field list’

When I add the sql it says "SQL Error (1054): Unknown Column ‘limit’ in the ‘field list’ "