[Release] EssentialMode base

super confused on why i keep getting banned if I’m not even doing anything

cant even get to join the server that the essential thing is fuck
is there any one that knows how to fix it

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I have a question, does anyone know this permission “error”. I entered everything in the .cfg server, but only superadmin, admin and _dev can use the revive command, for example. Yes, I have changed everything in the ambulance job, but I don’t know what to do next. Oh, I get this kind of message with all resources that make a rank query.
allow or deny

do you have a script named security? it looks like something needs a value of either ‘allow’ or ‘deny’

no I did not, nobody can help me there somehow weird xD

well I am going to state this it doesn’t look essentialmode related, but i’m clueless on how that’s happening because I have no issues with it.

Yes is nothing new, no one can help xD

sorry wish I knew more :frowning:

so for some reason. now after about a day or so. i get this error
[script:essentialmode] [EssentialMode] Current version: 6.4.2
[script:essentialmode] SCRIPT ERROR: @essentialmode/server/main.lua:23: attempt to concatenate a nil value (field ‘newVersion’)

as you can see. i have the latest version so why is it saying i dont?

how i can add new group ?for example helper

I need help
idk why but the couchdb doesnt want to work
please explain to me what is happening right here

that could help where is the link to the vid please

Hello, I need help with the database, I’m trying to connect to the database and it doesn’t work, I have the latest essential mode. Hosting is zap hosting.
anyone can help?

How come when I try to join server it will say server connection failed check console for information and theres nothing in console to help when I disable essentialmode it will connect me fine.

Same do you know of any fix?