[Release] EssentialMode base

Did you fix your problem and how did you do it ?

Why does EssentialMode write this to me?

why is essentialmode blocking my /fix commands and other commands like setjob command in the chat? it coms back like no such command.

having the same error:

script error: @essentialmode/server/main.lua:185: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘?’) > handler (@chat/sv_chat.lua:27)

fixed if you assign super admin, its formatted like this: superadmin in db

For me, the esplugin_mysql part doesn’t work when I imprint the .sql file into the database and write that it is successful and I reset my server so badly someone could help me?

How can I get the permissions of “es_admin2” to all players?

How can I take cars writing /car ?

So, I have my GTAV through Epic Games and not Through Steam. Now, the issue is when I have this resource running It won’t allow me to join the server saying it can’t find my Steam ID, now here’s the thing, I’m logged into my steam and I have the steam app running. Anyone have any ideas on how to trouble shoot this issue?

@kanersps -

Our server is getting this in the console:

[EssentialMode] Updater version: UPDATER UNAVAILABLE

Any advice?

can someone tell me why is the commands that are registered not working please? I never had this happen before is this some type of permission ? This is ESX 1.1 running with ESSENTIALMODE ![Screenshot (2185)|690x410]

The DB shows that users have money and the commands work to set the money but when I press pause and look at my cash/bank balance it is still $0. Any suggestions?

Yo can anyone help me out? Why it creates 2 rows for 1 user?

Probally you are using a ESX version that doesn need essentialsmode

First time actually hearing this, im using original 1vfinal esx and latest essentialmode
So i should remove one of those scripts right? So which one?

V1 Final doesn need essentialmode. atleast the github page says that

Ohh really? Thanks then!
EDIT: Anyways maybe it fixed it but it disables es_admin and mysql so idk if it worth it

do i need es_extended when i installied essentialmode? for ESX