[Release] EssentialMode base

no me carga

Is CouchDB necessary for EssentialMode ? Can i just phpmyadmin ?

You should be able to use any DB. I was using HeidiSQL with it.

when i try and open in in SQL it gives me this error "Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (10061) any fix?

Can someone help me I got this error but don’t know how to remove it

SCRIPT ERROR: @essentialmode/server/main.lua:185: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘?’)

handler (@chat/server/sv_chat.lua:31)

Im stuck when i load up my server, i can use my mouse but i cant use my keyboard it seems, anyone knows whats wrong?

Hi! I’m having problems with es_admin2, I’m using the latest essentialmode and es_extended 1v final.
I am having problems with es_admin2 because I want to open es_admin2 or use setgroup in console and I am getting these errors. I have the same scripts on my local server and I have no problems, but when I put these scripts on my Ubuntu 18.04 vps I have these problems please help me idk what to do.unknown (1)