[Release] enferList (another whitelist script)

I’ll try that.

All right, let me know if it works

Definitely did not work. Now it just stays on the main screen with, “checking for whitelist”

Then I wouldn’t know, maybe the original creator can find a solution

Guys make sure you write like this in whitelist.json:
Use - " "

Thank you for this. This works on RedM by the way

Hi, thanks for the script. I don’t understand what Steam identifier I should use. Thanks.

i need help

Hey, I have installed your mod on my server and it works perfect! :smiley: My only problem is that we got over 2700 users and it takes a long time for it to load the last users so its checking for there steam ID for like 2 minuts. Is there a way to shorten that down? :slight_smile:

I updated this for RedM in case anyone is interested. I’ll also post in the RedM Releases, giving full credit to Enfer. Thanks for the awesome script, man!

enfer_whitelist.zip (1.7 KB)