[Release] [ELS] SAHP Pack (Add-On / Based off of the Florida Highway Patrol)

FHP-based SAHP pack
This pack contains 5 vehicles with SAHP textures, that are based off of the Florida Highway Patrol.
These textures are custom, edited for BradM’s vehicle pack. Textures referenced from krame86’s SAHP pack.

Download here

Installation Guide:
Download the sahp-pack-master.zip from github.
Extract the sahp-pack-master resource into your resources folder.
Follow the instructions of the ELS script you use to add the vcf’s located in the “els files” folder.
Edit your server.cfg and add “start sahp-pack-master” in there.

Spawn codes:
fhp1 - 2016 Dodge Charger
fhp2 - 2011 Ford Crown Victoria
fhp3 - Slicktop 2015 Ford Police Interceptor Utility
fhp4 - 2015 Ford Police Interceptor Utility
fhp5 - 2013 Tahoe


I do not claim credit for these vehicles, I used krame86’s textures as a reference to make these textures for BradM’s LSPD Pack. The slicktop explorer uses thegreathah’s FPIU Minipack. Links below:


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Do you have permission to post someone else’s models?

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I don’t have explicit permission, but I didn’t see anything on the original post that says that I shouldn’t repost the files. If BradM asks me to remove this, I will.

So if you download a script and make a few cosmetic changes, you would reupload it without asking permission from the original creator?

If in the original post, they say to not use / edit / rehost the vehicles without permission, I wouldn’t do it. If they don’t, I will credit them and post all links to them, and make sure that everyone knows these aren’t my cars. (like I did in this post.)

Guess I better go edit my releases before someone comes along and repost them without my permission.

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On the skin pack, it specifically says not to reupload, I’d imagine Hah and Brad wouldn’t want their stuff reuploaded either, but they’re not on this site.

That’s why I said it’s not reuploaded, and it isn’t. The textures are made referencing that pack, but everything else is custom made, and the color changed to something I believe is more FHP fitting. The only thing I used their pack for, is to check what the SAHP logo would look like on the side. I decided to still credit them for making the original, non-els versions.

Want to know something cool? This pack

Want to know something lame? The first two cars variations which are cvpi and the charger have red head lights which can be changed but I have a feeling making your headlights 666 red was either you trolling as a developer or you actually like your car head lights red. Either way fix your pack so people don’t have to make that change.

That’s weird. I have never noticed that. I might have just tested it during the daytime. Could you send me the lines you changed so I can update the files?

Car variations meta has headlights labeled 666 should be 1 for cvpi and the charger

Fixed. If anyone had the same problem download the latest version from github.

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Is there a non-els pack with these textures?

If you want to, you can take the textures from krame86 pack here and add them to the vehicles he suggested in the LSPDFR post.

thanks will give it a try. been busy but will update if I get any luck

Hello is their a way to make this pack non els ???

it is Transfered from LSPDFR To FiveM And he put the Link to the normal one so he does not need permissions

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EVERYONE Give the MAN some LOVE for real he showed the links and the names and more Much Love

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