[RELEASE] DUICreator - A handler to create DUI in game for you (Creates cinemas, tvs, etc)

So, Fell inlove with DUIs
thought I will make sort of a library for them.

The way the handler works now, You give it a renderTargetName and it chooses a random prop that matches it.

Exports these methods:

AddDui(renderTargetName, string url)
CreateRandomUniqueDuiContainer(url) Creates a random DUI for this url with unique renderTargetName
destroyAllDui Removes all DUI without destroying for reuseability !!

this.Exports["addon"].createDui("cinscreen", "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9MnXkWLe5M");
Will create a huge cinema screen with this awesome Avengers video.

There’s a full example inside the repository.

It’s not really a library it’s an addon that lives in your client and can manage DUI for you, Because you can’t really “destroy” DUI because it keeps playing, It just changes the url to “about:blank” and will reuse that DUI if you will use the same renderTargetName next time after you tried to remove it.


nice one baby <3

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Amazing job, but can you explain how the noobs like me, can use it? :smiley:


Nice job, does it play to the server globally or nearby?

He put the exports in the post :wink:

I believe dui are not networked but you could send events from the server to create dui for players, just add events in your server

That’s nice thing, lovely!

Can other users see it and I don’t understand what you mean so if I place this in my server it will be there forever and will I be able to place it in buildings, etc

how can i start this in my server just asking I am new to this
and make it work?