[Release] Doors Control (vrp)

The resource is no longer listed

Its finally back and working ! Just tested , needed some translation to English.

how do i convert server.lua from vrp to esx?

I try to open the door but its close and nothing happen i just installed it how do i open the door please ?

theres already a working script for esx, esx_doorlock i guess is the name of it, just look up in the forums

ti eba maikata

Hello heveryone. I am trying to implement the permission to open the door of life invader, and one of the doors of the department of the police. when I insert the hash of the door, the blip does not appear. when I use the hash of any other door the blip appears, however it does not unlock the door. I need information on how to do this. I’ve already made many other doors, and blocked them. however, these ports in particular do not want to block. I can share my script.

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I have a error
Resource Time Warning
vRP_doorsControl is taking -6.67 ms

Hello , how to add a text on door [DOOR] lock or open ?! image same

then where to get the key from

Can you make video tutorial?

Tengo la solucion,

En client.lua cambia el valor de la linea final ** Citizen.Wait(0) x Citizen.Wait(25) ** es el valor recomendable puede ser superior pero da latencia.

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Tienes que agregar el item en tu archivo /cfg/item.lua de la llave y en el jugo darte ese item.
mejor explicado.

Paso 1
Abrir vrp\cfg\items.lua y agrega

[“key_pd_boss”] = {“:key: Captain room”, “”, nil, 0.01},
[“key_lspd”] = {“:key: LSPD”, “”, nil, 0.01},

(o segun quieras adaptar las llaves que quieras)

Paso 2
Como admin en el munu: Admin + GiveItem + key_lspd + 1

Paso 3
en tu inventario se agrego 1 :key: LSPD

Paso 4
A jugar con Num4 Abres y Cierras Puertas


How can i find the correct and precis coords for the door so that i can add more doors at diffrent places on the map? Ex. i have a Sandy PD MLO where i would like to be able to lock and unlock the doors at diffrent places. How should i then find the coords to the doors?

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doesn’t work anymore? Nothing happens. no doors are locked

well I have an mlo and it has doors and I want to add a lock to the door in the mlo, how do I do that.

is this to lock the pd doors

Hey i was wondering if it works on gates cause the door system im using atm locked gates just opens

On the latest VRP Dunko, it does not work. It cannot find the doors configuration in the server.lua script.

local cfg = module("doors", "config")

I cannot find such configuration in the VRP Dunko installation. However, it seems to be solved by changing the line to:

local cfg = module("vRP_doorsControl", "config")

Now the big question comes, does it in any code later uses the old name… In other words, this code change is not tested.

Keeping it as is and rename the folder to doors makes it work, if others has a similar problem. Secondly, if you choose to just use groups, it is simple to change the server.lua script to an if-statement like

if user_id ~= nil and vRP.hasPermission({user_id,cfg.list[id].permission}) then
-- do your stuff