[Release] DokusCore - A RedM VorpCore Plugin Bundle for easy installment

I was already releasing my scripts on Github but did not yet place
my scripts on the Cfx forums. So here we go and release the first one!

What is DokusCore?
DokusCore is an all-in-one bundle for your RedM server. This way you
can install a complete roleplay server without having to search and install
all kind of different plugins, or mess with the correct load order. All plugins
in DokusCore are optimized to run as smooth as possible. All scripts are optimized
so that they take the least amount of milliseconds to run. Setting up your RedM
Roleplay server was never been this easy!

Currently, DokusCore does only work with the VorpCore Framework.
It is on my to-do list to make this core also compatible with Redemrp.

EDIT: DokusCore can now also be used with RedEMRP!
Just keep in mind that not all features are RedEMRP ready, the coming
weeks, I will be making them ready for RedEMRP.

Easy to use Config
Within DokusCore there is only one Config file. Within this file
you can customize every feature to your liking. No more
hustling with multiple config files at different locations.

Great Language Support!
Do you hate it also when you download a plugin and you
yourself has to translate it all? No need with DokusCore!!
We have pre-translated this core with the following languages!
If we do not support your language, then let me know! I will then
add your language to DokusCore as soon as possible.

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Bulgarian
  • German
  • Danish
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

Enabling or Disabling Features:
If you don’t want to use one of the features DokusCore has
installed? No problem! You can simply enable or disable any
of its features in the config file. Simply set the feature to false
if you don’t want to use it, and true if you do want to use it.


  • Download DokusCore Click Here
  • Extract DokusCore to your resources folder.
  • Add ensure DokusCore to your server.cfg

Other than the VorpCore Framework, this script is not depending
on any other resource! Everything you need is build within DokusCore.


  • Metabolism
    This feature adds in functionality for eating, drinking, health and stamina.
    It gives you extra UI icons for food, water and temperature. Gives your players
    a reason to buy food at your store. Food and thirst will drain depending on your
    current moving status (running, walking or standing idle). Running and walking
    takes more from your thirst and hunger then standing idle. The more you do, the
    more you need to take care of your vitals. This feature also takes in mind the
    temperature of the environment. When its to cold your hunger will drain faster to
    keep your body warm, when it’s hot your thirst will drain faster. Once food and
    health are below its minimum threshold, you start to take damage on your health
    inner core. Once your health inner core is depleted, you start to take damage to you
    health outer core, this is also the moment you receive your vital warnings. If no
    action is taken, the character will eventually die due to starvation.

    • Very Customizable
    • Lower food and/or thirst when running.
    • Lower food and/or thirst when walking.
    • Lower food and/or thirst when standing idle.
    • Set lower or higher value for hunger
    • Set lower or higher value for thirst
    • Set lower or higher value for Stamina
    • Boost Stamina outer core (Gold)
    • Boost Stamina inner core (Gold)
    • Boost Health outer core (Gold)
    • Boost Health inner core (Gold)
    • Enable or Disable resetting vitals on respawn.
  • Bounty Hunter
    I have written a complete new way to do bounties. I have tried to keep
    it as close as possible to the real game. You go to the police station and
    activate a bounty at the bounty board. Then you go along and kill your bounty.
    At the bounty location you may need to kill a couple of NPCs, once the last one
    is killed you need to grab the evidence from the last body. This evidence you need
    to bring back to the sheriffs office to be paid for your bounty. For now i only have
    made the PVE section of the bounty menu, the PVP section will be added at a later
    time frame.

    • Easy to configure config.
    • Easy to set your bounty board locations.
    • Easy to set bounty missions
    • Easy to add more kills per bounty mission
    • Enable or Disable bounty stacking.
    • Set max amount of stacked bounties.
    • Change between a red or dark themed menu.
    • Change the position of the menu (left - right - middle)
    • Enable or Disable job required to do bounties.
    • Set your own custom jobs for bounty hunting.
    • Enable or Disable random payment salary per kill.
    • Set min/max value for payment per NPC kill
    • Set a static amount as payment per NPC kill
    • Enable or Disable random EXP per kill
    • Set min/max EXP per NPC kill
    • Set static amount EXP per NPC kill
  • iMaps
    This feature simply fixes your RedM map. It plugs holes that
    are in the map, so you don’t fall through it. It places buildings on the
    map that are not in RedM. It will also add in tons of objects on the map
    that are missing from the RedM environment.

    • Fix multiple holes in the map
    • Fixes multiple glitched buildings.
    • Places tons of objects back on the map
  • Stores
    This feature gives you customizable stores where you can
    buy or sell any items specified in the config. In addition to
    some other store plugins, this one gives you the ability to add
    in as many stores as you want to.

    • Buying items from 3 categories (Food - Meds - Misc)
    • Selling items from 3 categories (Food - Meds - Misc)
    • Multiple Store Locations
    • Enable or Disable NPCs behind the counter.
    • Enable or Disable showing the store entry circle.
    • Easy to change entry circle color via RGBA values.
  • Teleport
    This feature lets you teleport quick and easily to set
    map marker. Simply add a marker on the map and
    teleport to it. It can be used for everyone, or for admins
    only. This is a standalone plugin! This feature will be
    intergraded into a RedM Admin plugin that I am currently
    developing. Once done I will add the admin menu into

    • Set a marker on the map and teleport with /tpm
    • Set admin group name in the config
    • Can be used for all players or for admins only
  • UsableItems
    This feature lets you make custom items usable in
    your server. Any item that you want to make usable
    you can add on the list in the config. In addition to
    other similar resources, with this one you are able
    to add/remove health, stamina, hunger or thirst on
    any item used. For example, you lose stamina when
    you place a tent or campfire, but you gain once you
    eat or drink any items defined on the list.

    • Adding items with ease in the config
    • Adding or removing hunger
    • Adding or removing thirst
    • Adding or removing stamina
    • Adding or removing health
    • Boosting Health inner core (gold)
    • Boosting Health outer core (gold)
    • Enable or Disable refund tent when /deltent is used
    • Enable or Disable refund campfire when /delfire is used
  • Play The Piano
    Play the piano like a pro and enjoy entertaining
    your players in the Saloon! Simply walk up to the piano,
    press space and let some magic happen. I have tried to
    position the player correctly behind the piano, so that at most
    songs the hands / key presses are lined up for a better experience.

    • Add or remove pianos via the config.
  • Pickable Fruits
    Walk up to any bush or tree to harvest it for fruits. You can get
    a whole variety of fruits from these bushes like Berries. The config
    is customizable and you are able to add any item on the list.

    • Pick a variety of berries from bushes.
    • Pick apples from trees and coffee leaves from plants.
    • Easy to configure config.
    • Add any item to become pickable
    • Set a min and max amount of items to get per harvest
  • Drink and Wash in Rivers
    Drink and wash yourself from any river. Simply walk up to the
    waterline (or stand in it) and you get the key options for drinking
    and washing yourself.

    • Add or remove stamina, health and thirst when drinking.
    • Add or remove stamina, health and thirst when washing
  • Open or Close Bank Doors
    A light weight plugin that simply execute once client side
    when a player joins the server. This simply unlocks the bank
    doors so they can be opened by a player. In the config you can
    set this to true (open) or (false) closed.

Standalone Plugins:
If you don’t want to use DokusCore, but you want to use
any of these included scripts, then that is possible.

DokusCore Updates:
DokusCore is a work in progress!
I am still developing new scripts that I will add into
this core as soon they are finished. Keep an eye on my
GitHub page to keep up to date with the newest DokusCore
version. Keep in mind, if you make any changes yourself to
the core files, you have to add your changes in manually with
the next update. If you want to be able to update to the newest
version with ease, I would recommend only to make changes
to the config file.

Tip: When I add new scripts to DokusCore, or when I make
changes to the Config file, I will let you know! Once you copy over
all the new DokusCore files you can simply inject your old config.lua
file back into DokusCore without any worries! If I do make changes
in the config, and you load in your old config.lua file, you will receive
a warning message in your console on server startup, and when
restart the plugin. Only when you see this warning you need to
update your old config with all the new information provided
in the new config file. In the mean time you don’t need to be worried
that your config is out of date when upgrading to a higher DokusCore

If you want to make changes to DokusCore, you can do this
by creating a pull request at the developers branch. I will look
at your updates as soon as possible. Keep in mind to only
push your pull request to the developers branch. All pull request
made to the main branch will be ignored. Only make changes
to the already existing features, if you want to add in brand new
features, please contact me first! This is to make sure that all
features within DokusCore are correctly working with each other.
If you have ideas for a new feature, you could always contact me
via Discord Click Here.

If you have a problem with any of my scripts, if you have ideas
for future updates or you come across any bugs or glitches?
Feel free to contact me via Discord. I will be happy to help you.
When you do contact me, please be patient! I will help you with
your support request as soon as I am capable to!

For the Metabolism script I made, I want to give some
credits to SirFreddie, for letting us intergrade his UI Hud
into our metabolism script! Thank you!

Also credits to Thunderstorm441 as we have
intergraded his train plugin into DokusCore.


Awsome release!

Many thanks @LifeOnShuffle_LifeOn :slight_smile:

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This looks interesting,what weapons shop and inventory do you recommend?

VORP comes with one

Hi @DevDokus !

First, thank you for the nice work here. Having all these resources/plugins combined into one is a nice bonus. During testing, there’s a few things I’ve come across, not sure if you’re aware of them or not.

1.) When attempting to pick/harvest berries, the script requires an export from the progressBars resource. I don’t see anywhere listed that this is a required resource. The same issue occurs when setting up a tent.

2.) It appears that purchasing has no limit whereas the VORP Inventory does. Meaning, if there’s a limit of 5 Coffee in the database, you can continue to purchase coffee repeatedly as long as you’d like, and the money subtracts, but you don’t receive the items because you’ve hit VORP’s limit for that item.

EDIT: I see the maximum listed in the lua file now. Guess that needs to line up with the database. Sorry about that one.

As of right now, that’s my only concerns. Not big deals, but just wanted to point them out.

Once again, thanks for the hard work!

Hey @ev3nflow
Much appreciated, and i am glad you enjoy it!! :grinning:
I have pushed some fixed on the issues you’ve addressed
and its packed in version 2.1.2 that you can find here

I have removed the progress bar on the berry picking entirely.
The animation loop is short so it does not do much then being clutter.
For the placing of Tents and Campfires I’ve made an alternative.

Thanks for the headsup!

For the weapon shop and inventory you can get from our Discord.
For now there is just the one from Vorp itself, could be someone
else made something but idk. We are busy with making edits on the
inventory to make it better, but if you have suggestions you may
always let us know on our Discord.

Most important scripts you can find on our Github
We and many other contributors have released many scripts that are not
located on our Github page, these are standing in the “Public-Release” channel.

You are thanked for the great work for the RedM community :wink: