[Release] DOJ LSPD Styled Vehicles

Gonna have to play a bit dumb right now, (new to this whole five m thing. sorry). Where do i find that information out?

In the vehicles.meta

Yes, the vehicle class is set to VC_EMERGENCY.

Are you installing them right as I just did and they work fine for me .

I put them each into their own stream folder with __resource.lua attached and then i added a “police”, “police2” and “police3” into config file. (understanbly i renamed the folders accourding to the car type.)

the emergency lights doesnt seem to work

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theres a link with every doj car file out there. i aint gonna share here. but my mates use to have it. they had everything in it. down to ems

lights do not work

Hi! What are the spawn code names for the vehicles, or can someone tell me how to find out?


when i look in my server resources for some reason i can’t find the file but it is in my server ?

i need help locating it

i have the real thing from pissed of dev lol

Do you use the els system? I find it really confusing and it messed with luxart veh control.

Hello, just wondering if you can put brakes disc on the charger?

its Fucking ELS

they are replacments of the ingame police 1 2 and 3 so just open up your menu go down to emergency then spawn the police or police 2 so on and so on but they are els so its shit

do they work for fivem