[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2

So would any one think it would be possible to set it up to ESX to where they create a character and it adds to a database and only officers can add warrants, fines, bolos, etc.

How is this a pro?

Found the solution for the issue, all you need to do is port forward the port for the Dispatch System (Should be 33333 by default). This solution worked for me! Let me know if it did not for you. Ill try and find the solution for you cause I had it and that fixed it.

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your a legend for making this!!!

Do all dispatchers need to use the Terminal?

Im having issues getting the dispatch terminal to open. I place my server’s ip address inside Ternimal->settings.ini, but it keeps telling me server ip is invalid, connect server owner??
Any suggestions on how to get this rolling, in-game civ and leo menus work

u got port in?

Yes i have the ip address of the fivem server in
But it keeps saying cant connect to server

leave the last 4 numbers off, those are the port numbers, dont include them

I figured out that you have to be in game for the terminal to connect. Got it working looks good, but would like an easier way to dispatch to assign units to calls etc

how do you open the dispatch to become on or even dispatch

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How to open Dispatchers menu?

Hello, is there any way possible to configure it so that you can be an LEO, and a civ both logged into the MDT at the same time without having to delete your civ or LEO?

how do i install this i really like the layout and was wondering if i can get a video link on how to install it or can someone assist me with it idk what im doing wrong i put the file in my server and start it in my server cfg.fle but i still cant get it to work>>>