[Release] Discord Loadout - Role Based

Discord Loadout - Role Bases

Discord Loadout is a very simple script that gives an Law Enforcement the weapons they need based on if they have a role in the Discord. It comes with a config file where you can choose what weapons that should be in the loadout and law enforcement officers has to return their duty weapons when going off-duty.

Script Features:

  • Easy configuration.
  • Discord Role based.
  • Easy to add locations.
  • Clean and friendly design.


  • Download the files → Download
  • Locate your server.cfg and ensure DiscordLoadout
  • Restart your server



so , does it open a inventory and you can choose between the guns ? or it will give you the gun automatically ?

It will give you the guns automatically. But that’s a cool idea that I might implement.

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cause imagine when you set 4 or 5 even more guns for them to be able to select , then they cant even choose which one they want

It would be great if you also mentioned the “discordroles” as dependency

I can’t seem to get it to work, I have discordroles working fine, but your script is not wanting to work, and I have the discord role ID set up properly as well.

same for me. It’s not working

Yeah, tried it multiple times. Different ways and everything. This script just don’t work properly. I was really wishing to have it work too. It could be used with great potential but until he either fixes it or assist us, then we just have to wait.