[RELEASE] Dice Roller

It was very good, I also edited the 3dme to do something similar.

that looks very nice :smiley:

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Heya just wondering im trying to make it so it doesn’t show up to the whole server when i roll the dice is there any way to do this ??? Also once ive rolled the dice it says you Have rolled a6 : 20 is there any advice out there to get rid of the a6 part after youve rolled ??? cheers

Literally exactly what i was looking for, great job & thank you!

Thank you for a great script. Could someone help me to make the dice an inventory item? So that you will only be able to use the command /roll if you have the dice-item in your inventory

you can share the dice script

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Unfortunaltey the 3dme 3D print above Ped is not working for me with latest v2.2 of 3dme.
anyone knows how to solve the issue ? only chat output working correctly…

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Has anyone been able to get this working with the most recent version of https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-me-but-the-text-is-3d-printed/149691for me it rolls but doesn’t show the text?

I haven’t been able to get the 3dme to work either. Have you had any luck?

me either has anyone found a fix

roll is working for me but does not display nothingi have 3dme ensured but nothing

How did you get this to Work?

it changes the /me in the chat and moves it on ur body. How can i keep my /me in my chat?