[Release] Diamond Casino Heist Vehicles

Here is a pack of all the vehicles from the latest GTA:V Xmas Update. It also includes sounds, animations (See Note) and configs for them.

The following release is strongly recommended, this adds vehicles from the original Casino DLC. This may fix some bugs people are having with sounds and crashes if vehicles share certain configurations.

You may have to find correct mod kits id yourself if you have a lot of custom cars.

Note: Some vehicles crash due to animation errors and I haven’t finished the vehiclenames.lua for all names, this is considered an alpha/base to be finished and I will try and complete it fully, if you do get these 100% working all I ask if you kindly share the fixes with the community and I can update the main links with credits to who fixed it.

Vehicles known to crash:

  • Zhaba
  • Minitank
  • Formula & Formula2 (Progen PR4 & Ocelot R88)

Credits to @Jammmo2k5 for fixing some of the leftover bugs and tidying things up!

GitHub: https://github.com/MightyLAD/DiamondHeistCars


yo thanks dude I only asked about those today too lol

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No problem, happy to provide something to the community!

Thankfully it is 95% working out of the gates. :muscle:

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Nicee bro

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can you post that please to github
as download

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Will get on that, no problem

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GitHub link added.

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formula don’t work

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The Albany V-STR, Sugoi arent spawning

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Please original post, this is known

It spawned fine in testing, see second image.
What errors do you get?

I don’t get any errors, they just refuse to spawn.

I spawned them using vMenu and adding their names to the addons.json file, try a server cache clear as that has given me hassle before and check the spawn names, V-STR is “vstr” and Sugoi is just “sugoi” AFAIK.

I did a quick test on my own, yeah they just don’t spawn for some reason. The codes are right but, nothing will spawn.

Nice to see those cars!! By the way, some of them doesn’t have an interior view (will check that again so I can send you a list). The Minitank is also buggy.

Thx for the good job!! Can’t wait for the next update!!

I’m getting the same here.
I’ve cleared the sever cache and I’m using the right spawn names, nothing. It’s happening with the Sugoi, the VSTR and the Zhaba.

No error codes, nothing. It’s just not spawning them.

I’ve had this with other addon cars in the past and I’ve never managed to fix it.

Use this as a base for bug fixes.
The only issues this one has is the stryder and minitank is broken.

Has all audio, layouts for animations and first person cameras fixed.

Also for those having issues spawning the two dinka cars you need to have mpvinewood loaded too.

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If I download the whole thing at once, all the YCD (animation) files are 1kb when extracted.

Downloading each individual file works, though.

Actually, the whole thing seems to have been truncated by github. Loads of the files are just 1kb if downloaded all at once.

Needs to be loaded with git-lfs. This was intended for the OP.

Fantastic, cloning now and will do a merge and update the main links, credits due, saved me some time.