[RELEASE] /delallveh, deletes all unoccupied vehicles on the map

how do u set it to only mods can use

does anyone know if we can decrease the frequency? love this resource but would like to have it trigger half as often.

Hey Lighting, is there a way I can make this accessible only to staff members? Thanks.

C. Tech

is it like this ? add_ace group.admin “command.delallveh” allow
is it like this? add_ace group.admin command.delallveh allow

add_ace group.moderator command.delallveh

no, just add_ace group.[GROUP] command.delallveh allow

That would be add_ace group.staff command.delallveh allow

anyway to have a warning before it dv’s?

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Would also like to know this haha. Can’t seem to find anything about it anywhere.

I hope an timer will be added like “your vehicle will be deletet in 5 minutes” or something like that

I dont know how to add it with an notify, im learning lua