[RELEASE] d3x_vehicleshop

I get an error:
Cannot read property ‘price’ of undefined (d3x_vehicleshop/HTML/ui.js:29)
Any idea?

How can i Change the Background from White to Grey?

Edit: Fixed!
This is all done in the duplicated resource (copy / paste and rename the folder) for me, “d3x_vehicleshop_sandy” is what I named the folder.

To duplicate this shop, comment out all the RegisterServerEvent() functions in the server lua. (There should be 4).

Find and replace all “d3x_vehicleshop” and replace it with the folder you are placing the duplicated asset in. For me it was “d3x_vehicleshop_sandy”.

In the respective ui.js replace the 3 POSTS urls’ from “d3x_vehicleshop” to yours, for me “d3x_vehicleshop_sandy”.

You will still need to upload all your images to the html/imgs/ folder in the new asset if you aren’t using hyperlinks.

I’m trying to duplicate this resource so I can have multiple dealerships running the script. I have fixed the issue where it purchases multiple vehicles by removing the RegisterServerEvent’s from the child script. I’m now having an issue getting the UI to close, I’ve changed the POST url’s to be correct for the new asset name but it doesn’t seem to be working so the UI does not close. The UI works as expected up until the close command. Once a CloseShop() is called, the UI becomes unresponsive.

Any ideas?


Hey there to ALL who has problems with IMAGES!

You ALL never did any mistakes :rofl: :sweat_smile: :innocent:

I´ve found the 100% solution… so simple :

Just take a look into your .png file at the Properties → Details.
A bit depth of “8” WONT WORK. Make sure you have a bit depth of “24” or higher!

You can change the bit depth with the most image programs, also with an online converter. Just make sure you choose 24 bit depth or higher!

Have fun :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Is there a way to give cars a limited stock ?

can you please tell me how did you do that?

can you please tell me how did you do that? I would like to edit my shop too

just edit css + add some javascripts

I have no experience or knowledge in that, this is why I asked you… please help me

Everything works perfectly fine but i look in database and theres no new image colunm?

good vehicleshop

Man I will pay you just help me



So I’m helping a friend with a server but there is this problem where the category imglink does not show and we can’t put the link of the images there.

Does someone know the solution to this?

Thanks in advance

Tôi bị treo khi thử xe

i get this error