[RELEASE] d3x_vehicleshop

Hey can someone please send me a zip of all the car images?

Ummm…no…that’s part of making a server, plus everyone’s cars are different

man there’s hundreds of cars .

Maybe make your car list shorter, is it an economy server? Might not need hundreds of cars. But yea, we just took all the pictures in about 4 hours. It’s worth the work.

oh so you took that many pictures ? good job !
the thing is that i want all gta v cars to be on my server which is hard .
hundred of cars and hundred of pictures .
so i want to start with a ready bunch of cars and add :frowning:
can you share please .

press buy and my mouse is stuck in an invisible screen same with test drive any fix ?

you’re funny :smiley:

Dupee !

Test drive ain’t working as it should with artifact 3189, car doesn’t spawn. It appears for half a second then disappears. No errors client/server side.

did you change the name of the script?

Same here…Works well with old artifacts but as soon as you update it the test drive stop working.

Yeah, test driving is glitchy and sometimes vehicles just dont spawn.

Any way to make the test drive payable?
Or put a cooldown on it (e.x after they take the car the need to wait the original 40 seconds but they cant click the button) because people with bad internet spawn 2-3 cars because the car needs to download…

I guess it’s time to find a new working one with test drive

First off great shop, so much so I’ve been trying to add another location with different vehicles.

I updated the database to have a second entry which seems to work but have an issue with the ui not registering input and it throws an error in the console. Is it possible to have 2 different garages with different cars using this resource?

If you rename the trigger (d3x_vehicleshop) and the database things, you can use the same script for diferent stores

The vehicles dont go to owned vehicles, how do i fix?