[RELEASE] Custom Sounds for Weapons and Sirens

This is the script for custom sound for weapons and sirens as stated in the title.
It’s only server sided ( I mean like it doesn’t need to be downloaded and uploaded to GTA V files )
It’s a resource / script.
I didn’t find this script posted here and I think it’s wanted so here you go.


Weapon Sounds


make8_zvukovi.rar (37.4 MB)


  1. Unzip it into your resource folder
  2. Type " start make8_zvukovi " in server.cfg
  3. Start the Server.

I do not take credits for all of this, I only converted it to a resource.

Credits for the sounds go to:




Ain’t working for me, tried your default resource and tried replacing the sounds with my own choices as well, nothing changes.

I think you can’t just replace audio files like that you need there dat files but I may be lying there isn’t a lot of documentation about sound and dat files

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Yea it half works, when you shoot you can hear the custom sounds, but when you get others to shoot, their shooting on your end is normal gta gun sounds.

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Did you , accidently, changed the file names also ?

I will try to fix it, thanks for reporting that to me.

What format does this script accept? Can it be wav format or does it have to be awc?

It needs to be awc

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