[Release] 'Crackdown' Missions System v3 & GitHub for your own missions

see the original post, info is there.

I disabled all traces of miniguns in the enemy ped spawning but they still spawn with miniguns in several missions? I did it with RPGs and it seems to have worked so far.

Ah, I bet that is due to boss peds. There is some code that hardcodes the weapons they get in client.lua. If it is a not an IsRandom mission, you can override this by giving the boss ped another weapon in mission.lua in the Peds section.
The easiest thing to do is go into client.lua look for doBossBuff function and in there make some changes, or change the default weapons from the minigun etc…

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Just committed a fix to missions.lua. You can grab the updated resource here: https://github.com/ddraigcymraeg/mrp-missions

This fixes the problem that @Nadie1 found where hostile ambient peds were not working, when they were turned on in missions.lua. It also created problems in other parts of the game, which this fixed.
There was a missing array in missions.lua in the Hostile Ambient Peds section

Hostile Ambient Peds is a lot of fun if you just want to run around Los Santos fighting everywhere and everyone…


--0: no hostiles, 
--1: hostiles have less infighting  (most dangerous) 
--,since they focus more on attacking player
--2: a little more infighthing between hostiles.
--3: riot mode, virtually all peds hate each other as well. 
Config.HostileAmbientPeds = 0

Another fix for hostile ambient peds.

They were not starting until the mission was activated, meaning when a player got close enough to the mission objective where enemies and objectives get spawned/activated.
Now the hostile ambient peds start when the mission actually starts.

Was going to enable hostile ambient peds outside of missions as well, but its easy to start a mission and just not complete it, if you want to free roam fighting ambient peds.

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i dont have touch anyting.
i just copy and paste mrp-missions-v3, mrp-missions_spawn, doombunkers, fivem-ipl.

then add to server.cfg:

start fivem-ipl
start doombunkers
start mrp-missions_spawn
start mrp-missions-v3

mission works fine.
but I cant get reward money for mission complete.

my server is vRP.

what i have to do?

Im sorry, but it does not support vRP. Do a search for ESX support in the documentation, and where ESX is in client.lua and server.lua and you should be able to convert that to vRP.

Hello -

I am currently trying to configure this script to best fit for what we need, but one thing that keeps happening is screen flickering. We believe that we have narrowed it down to the fact that the scripts stops the game time. Is there a way to disable that? Ive combed through the script a few times but i think i am missing something.


crap,sorry about that
you need to comment this out at the bottom of client.lua below. I like playing extra sunny, but forgot to remove it on my last commit, thats fixed now.


    while true do

    while true do
        NetworkOverrideClockTime(12, 1, 1)

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Thank you, that did the trick!!

Love this script, but having an issue where the mission objective props are not spawning so missions using them wont end

Just tested, it works for me. What mission? Is it your own custom mission?

Tested on my latest dev build, but the github version should be working as well.

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Thank you for fast response sir! deus ex, prelude, land act damn, and the humanelabs mission aswell, from what I can tell no missions are spawning props. I must be having a conflict with another script, but If you have any ideas on a fix I am all ears. I’m using the latest version I have just toned down the weapons and vehicles so it works in a generic RP server a lil better.

Worked like a charm! now I just gotta redo all the nerfs and hop I don’t mess it up again, Thank you again

Update^^^^ I’m trying to nerf this down for a more basic level combat system, and im finding the peds tend to one shot me pretty often, even with pistols. if you have any ideas on how to fix this I would really appreciate it! thanks. 10/10 script btw

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Hey was wondering if you have on hand the line in client.lua where I could add freezentityposition. some larger props when spawned are still moveable. I’m trying to spawn cable cars and on another mission barge’s but when shot they go flying, or fall through the map. UPDATE… i figured it, you had it all set up! lol added freeze=true to prop like in missions.lua

Glad to hear you found it and it worked for you