[Release] Courthouse (.Ymap)

Has anyone found a fix to get the walls and ceiling to load yet?

I have added an MB_ADDONS download for people who don’t want to stream the entire Models pack. This should fix your issues so please let me know if it doesn’t. Enjoy.


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I tried this new option and the courthouse is no longer spawning under the courthouse for me, nothing is there, not even props now and I got no load errors.

You still have to stream the original courthouse map. This is just an extra folder with the models inside which you stream to your server.

I could never get the original ymap to stream. Only the props inside it loaded. It wouldn’t even try to load until I added a resource lua and a stream folder. Now not even that allows for anything to render.

I don’t know what to tell you boss.

Just put the map in your maps folder and ‘start mb_addons’ and it will work.

What do you mean maps folder? Most ymap addons I have running(and working) on my server have their own folder with a resource lua and stream folder…

I’ve always had a seperate folder for all maps just for organization but you can have a seperate folder for it.

Stream the map folder and stream mb_addons folder. The map will stream the default models and the mb_addons folder will stream all the custom models used in this project.

I got it to work fine, thanks man!

For whatever reason, the map will only load with the method you described that you use(Masi) and not how my other ymaps are loaded onto my server. At least it works I guess.

I really like this map, great work on it Masi it definitely is well put together.
My only issue I’ve had with it, is that when inside the interior, the lighting will start tweaking out depending on the angle of your camera causing the interior to look either darker than normal or brighter than normal.
Not quite sure how to fix that specific issue or what is the cause of it, and it could prove bothersome during RP scenarios. But other than that this is a great map, that I could definitley see myself and many others using.

Thanks for the support!

I’m not sure what causes the lighting as testing is really incosistent. I know it is due to it being under the world and not a real map so it glitches out. I have branched into creating MLO interiors now which are 1000x better than these simple YMAP ones.

More releases to come soon™.


Hopefully a version of this with darker walls and floors. Like some sort of wood textures.

When are you releasing your next map?

Downloaded this renamed the resource to addons, but I cant seem to find the map when I noclip under the courthouse. Any Ideas where I messed up?

EDIT: Screenshot under courthouse http://prntscr.com/p1uzbh

@Masi42 where is it located?

234.89, -390.92, -84.93

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so it’s under the map?

yes it is under the courthouse, I gave you the co-ordinate.

234.89, -390.92, -84.93

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gotcha. so i have to noclip?