[Release] Courthouse (.Ymap)

2024 Update: This is a very outdated and old map. It is not built properly in mordern day standards. It also is impossible to gather the files from this post. Sorry!

This is my first release to FiveM. I like browsing through ymap releases and I noticed that I didn’t see many court Maps that I personally would use so I created my own one and want to release it for people to use.

One advantage this court map has over other maps is that the court room is compacted and takes into consideration of the voice ranges.


This map requires the free additional GTA V props to be streamed to your server. This is for the high quality walls and other objects.

https://www.patreon.com/posts/25389633 – This no longer works in 2024.

– Thank you to OmegaKingStudios for releasing these props for free. –

– The map is located underneath the courthouse –

Masi_court.zip (7.4 KB)

A lot of you were having issues because you didn’t want to stream the entire model pack which is completely understandable. Here is a download for the exact models that are used, just drop that into your resource folder and “start mb_addons”. Enjoy!
mb_addons.zip (11.4 MB)


Sick! Thanks for the release

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Check the requirements. It uses external models from a free model pack that you need to stream to your sever.

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Can you list required props ? because this pack so big for streaming user 600 mb, thnx for sharing

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I have updated the download to include a new .txt with the addon models used.

Please let me know if any are still missing… I think I got them all though.

I will include a .txt like this for all future downloads. Thanks for the good request.

You need map builder my guy he/she listed that under the requirements :man_facepalming:

Looks good!

Cheers boss.

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So if I understand correctly, if we want to put the mapping for that is functional we must buy the thing on the patreon?

There is a link in the .txt to a free pack on the Patreon.

You don’t have to buy anything and it is not my Patreon. I just use the free model pack for better walls, floors and ceilings.

okay where is the location of the mapping

the entrance of the building is by teleporting or is directly from the doors?

I have set the requirements of the .txt and even then the walls still do not appear. I put the 600mb of props in stream and it does not load the walls either. something missing

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It is directly under the courthouse. You will have to noclip down to place your own teleports.

Drop mb_addons into your resource folder and start it.

Bro what is acually files we need to stream ? i dont want to stream all in mb_addons its 600mb …

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Check in the downloads folder. MODELS.txt

where is located in the game please as i cant seem to find it

Under this building!

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