[Release] Cops FiveM

hey i don’t really understand how to install is there a video out there that can help?

hey man have you solved it because it’s the same for me as well.

[ script:police] SCRIPT ERROR: @police/server/server.lua:229: bad argument #2 to ‘find’ (string expected, got nil)
[ script:police] > userCallback (@police/server/server.lua:229)

anyone know what this means

Hey, so " enableOtherCopsBlips = true," does not work what so ever when people clock in

Wazzup @RyanLloyd23 @Lukasz78

You should check you’re database that you are using, and verify that those exact some details are matching the one in your config file for the connection : [{ghmattimysql/config.json}

Where do you have the server running / installed ? on your own physical computer or external like an vps ? If so make sure the firewall’s are setup correctly :wink:!=


Mines through ZAP Hosting

https://github.com/GHMatti/ghmattimysql/releases/download/1.3.2/ghmattimysql.zip NOT FOUND!

Hey man! Well it seems to be his Github account isn’t there but look what i got you :slight_smile:

The latest one with the UI configuration file

Hey i play on a server that uses this script and i cannot go on duty clicking clock on does nothing but nobody else has this issue cleared cache reinstalled gta and reinstalled fivem

Does this still work? The download for ghmattimysql seems to have been taken down.