[RELEASE] CleanUI (cui) character

For anyone having issues with characters being invisible when adding this:
-I cleared my players out of the sql db
-Cleared all cache
-Added TriggerEvent line per @Alberto_Gorla

Everything so far appears to be working great.

Works brilliantly, have it working with all my ESX jobs (So far) Only issue is, my player position, it saves in my DB however doesn’t get loaded up when joining, i always start at the job center, i’m not sure if it’s down to this script however, but it worked fine before installing.

Wonderful release, currently got the CUI Character working with 1.Final.

:slightly_smiling_face: If I may suggest the following quality of life features:

• Outfit Saving
• Input Parameters/Arrow Keys to Navigate
 - (Cycling through hundreds of peds via clicks can be painful)
• Character Customization Fees

It would def complete this resource as a whole.

Thank you!

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How i can change spawn point? i edited fivem-map-hipster and skater

Evrything works really great so far but how i would be able to add the npc’s or custom peds ? How can i make that work with Cui ? I would appreciate some help on that, thank you !

My main goal now is to try and figure out how to have premade outfits for Police / EMS / Etc.

This just starting happening any solutions?

Is it just me, or is there three selections for the torso?

No, there is only two. They are used in SetPedComponentVariation, where componentId is 3 for torso, drawableId is arms and textureId is arms_2. There is no arms_1.

At first I wanted to make it compatible with skinchanger, so I used the same data, but later on I understood that it will never be since skinchanger does not support any face shape customisations and some of those names are misleading, so it was a mistake in the end.

I should have renamed all of those clearly like I did with watches to lefthand and bracelets to righthand.

My issue with the arms, after adding those in, and adding the (crude) keyboard support, has been finding a way to add all the ‘blank’ hands arms.

The first selection is arms no gloves, but everything after that is gloves.
I recall other clothing scripts having multiple options of the ‘no gloves’ torso, each with their own separate uses for clipping, especially when using custom/3d modeled clothing.

If you have any hints that could point me towards the missing selections of ‘no gloves arms’ combos, instead of just having the one, I would LOVE to hear it haha…

The CUI works great, it just won’t close the menu when i am done with my character and click accept, it said i was registered yet wouldn’t close, when i try to click accept a 2nd time it says something is wrong and i have to call for an admin,… no error logs on either f8 or server cmd…, my character is saved in database yet when i re-enter my server all character changes are gone, and i’m a default character again, if i however type /character my idenity is still there, yet all my customization is gone.

Pained_Psyche, in case of doubt of “Impolutto05” I do not use “esx_identity” but with “jsfour-register” and “cui_character” is overlapping and I can’t let it overlap.

I’m trying to get this script to open the register menu when I make a character. How would I go and make that possible?

I am Using cui_character on my ESX based Server.
Is it possible to add Prices for the Shops?

I’m experiencing the exact problem. Did you solve it?

Hi there i keep getting this and dont know what to do anymore

after creating a character you say accept and nothing happens this is my config of it
resources/[managers]/spawnmanager/spawnmanager.lua image
cui_character/fxmanifest image

any help would really be appreciated


In config file what is

Config.EnableESXIdentityIntegration = true


When I use esx_clotheshop,esx_clotheshop can’t change the player’s clothe and it’s a error like thisRUV_XGC$_(%`~_W8UEPJ

Hi, I love your char creator but I ran into a issue I can’t solve.
I did everything as mentioned in the install manual but when I want to save a char I get this error message from es_extended:

[es_extended] [WARNING] Server callback “cui_character:updateIdentity” does not exist. Please Check The Server File for Errors!

I checked the files and it seems all is correct. I unchecked esx_identity in fxmanifest, set Config.EnableESXIdentityIntegration to true, set Config.StandAlone to true and also set Config.EnableESXIdentityIntegration to true in StandAlone section. (only this config let the char creator start properly).

I insert the block into esx_identity and changed the settings for esx_identity input.

I use latest es_extended:

[ script:es_extended] -------------------------------------------------------
[ script:es_extended] Your Es-extended is the latest version!
[ script:es_extended] Version: legacy
[ script:es_extended] COMMIT: 1.1.9
[ script:es_extended] CHANGELOG: Fix esx_identity
[ script:es_extended] -------------------------------------------------------

Hope someone can help. Thank you in advance.

I have the problem that if i do /identity or so nothing happens, it all happens only after i do revive with esx legacy