[Release] Character Fainting

Drops to the ground with the “Z” key and stays on the ground. Stand up again with the “X” key.
Download: doaheristr_fainting .rar (915 Bytes)


Menj már a faszomba :smiley: Kimásoltad a GTA-s scriptet te veréb.

:rofl: You’re too stupid to know that the usage codes are different. Do something instead of empty talk and share with people stupid dude.

Search “Hungarian” server “WestRP” idiot :smiley:

Well, nem hamis ez tényleg a GTA-s LULW

You’re a fool who can barely talk to people without sharing anything.

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My scripts are currently private on this platform. You see you know nothing about me and you write nonsense. :sweat_smile: