[Release] [C#] Vehicle Attachment and Tow Resource

Maby a max attach setting? Recently seen many drive around with like 10 Trucks just stacked up

I’ll add that as an optional setting in a future update.

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thats wild but this script is not optimized

I have no idea where on God’s green earth you are getting those numbers from, but they are not the same ones I am getting.


Selecting a vehicle for towing:

Selecting a vehicle for attachment:

Confirming vehicle positioning:

After confirming vehicle positioning:

Just browsing the forum and finding this gem of a script, awesome work!

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Good release! seen a bunch of people asking about a resource like this can’t wait to see car on top of car warfare! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can attach and move the vehicle perfectly fine with the numpad keys. But when my friend who is also on my server. he can attach the vehicle and hit numpad enter to actually have it attach. but cannot move the vehicles location with the numpad keys. any solution?

Sounds a bit like this issue, if you have any more details about it feel free to comment on it.

Didn’t see you replied haha. but we were dumb and were trying to use 1 tow vehicle instead of each of us spawning in our own flatbed. it works if we have our own vehicles. thank you for the reply though!

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I love this script, but its using a lot of resources when idle on my resmon. Any idea how I can fix this?

As I showed here, it’s really not. Regardless though, in an update I am working on the Tick is disabled when not in use, which will bring it down even further; so you can try out the Alpha version that’s on GitHub now, or wait a little while til it’s released in Beta.