[Release] BetterTorch

I was told that this script was for singleplayer only

if it was on LSPDFR, then yes, but this isnt on LSPDFR.com

Can you do so the flashlight on the gun (as attachments) when you activate it’s allways is on (like https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/scripts/15250-persistent-weapon-flashlight/ )

Hey i like the script but two thing, the left hands is wird placed et and this possible to moove down a little the torch thanks

Nice Good Job :+1:

can you have it for fivem and if so where do i put it and wheres download ??

How about this animation?

GetSelectedPedWeapon(GetPlayerPed(-1)) == GetHashKey(“weapon_switchblade”) then
Wait(Sec * 1000)

Functions …