[Release] BetterTorch


found it im blind i downlodeed the zip

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Could you write the script with the flashlight on the left and a weapon on the right?

maybe then keeps your hands crossed?

where is the resource.lua?

You downloaded the wrong one. Go back up and download the compiled direct download.

No. I can’t

I do but not in there

Then you aren’t download the correct thing.

is me or what why when i use this the flashlight face up can i get some help here

mostly broken script, the animation is weird and when we start walking the flash goes like a knife and don’t stay like on the screenshot

The code is open source if you would like to take a swing at fixing it. Let me know how it goes.

I would like to point out that animation is the ONLY one that I could find thats available also I have never had an issue with it being held like a knife after a lot of people tested this. The only issue I have seen is the flashlight positioning sometimes doesnt get set properly.

I would look into it, not the best in animation ^^

Well if you find a better one lmk. LSPDFR doesnt just use an animation for their flashlight. I just dont have the time or energy to spend on figuring it out.

Have you got discord?

making it usable with mouse control it would make it way better. we cant really point unless you move

Maybe something I can look at later on when I have more morale for my FiveM projects.

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yeah no worries i understand . it may be difficult cause off the animation but if you do like a weapon flaslight where you point the light goes.

I noticed that people cant see the light on only you can

Does this script work for FiveM servers etc?

look at what website your on