[Release] BetterTorch

Then you didnt install it properly

Obviously but I got it so no worries

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Does this work with the flashlights that are attached to weapons?

No. Just the flashlight melee weapon.

Yooo. Looking hot :fire:. Also from talking to Sam from LSPDFR they move the arm in a certain way, kinda like how arm movement on pointing works. They use similar methods for the new drag they have… I get the convo to reference it better.

Been waiting for something like this for a long time. The standard torch hold is so un immersive. Thanks a bunch!

Hm… So instead of using animations they use the same methods the pointing does? I may have to look into that…

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I believe so. I’ll double check when I get home…

They jut manually draw it to a certain position. Maybe you could attach the torch with bone index’s

Thats basically what I am already doing. Its just the position rn that is the issue. I detach the weapon object then reattach with the fixed position since I am using the actual flashlight weapon.

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Oh my, Faxes and Xander working together? Lord help us all! :stuck_out_tongue:


It breaks randomly and makes the flash light look up. A suggestion is to make it so you can move it around and not just keep it straight and turn right or left.

I don’t know how to manipulate animations so I doubt I will have that done for a little.

Alright, well other than that, it’s a nice script. GJ

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i need the recource__.lua

Its there.


Download the correct one and its there.

with one is that?

You downloaded the source code. If you dont know how to compile C# then download the direct download.

its not in there thats what i downloaded