[RELEASE] BeardGrowth+ [UPDATED] Grow your Beard, Like a Man [PAID]



- Fixed excedding the Config Time in DB
- Added a safety check so the time is not going over your set Config.Time
- Optimized Code a little bit more

[script:BeardGrowth] SCRIPT ERROR: ?:-1: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘MySQL’)

Hey man & thanks for the purchase!
You need to have oxmysql.
If you have Async you need to change the oxmysql export in the fxmanifest to async.

But i recommend updating to oxmysql.

Kind regards

will you possibly be making a standalone or version to work with Qbcore??

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Hey, in the future maybe yes. But now i got a few other projects running.

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Let me know i would love to test it out over these beards that you can take off