[RELEASE] Badssentials (Your essential HUD script) (Revive/Respawn Script) {ALL IN ONE}

I got this while trying to load into my server I tried replacing server and the client is it something with the config

You most likely did not set up the config correctly, yes.

Ok I will check it out

Any reason why when people die, they auto-respawn without doing any command as Michael?

You should really make an AOP spawn commands where, for example, if the AOP is “Mirror Park”, then you spawn when joining the server or after dying. You should also make it configurable to where people can make more spawn points in a specific AOP.

where do i give perms?

I see the permission for bypassing the revive wait time, is it possible to place the revive itself behind a perm? We don’t allow our civs to revive themselves, they must wait for emergency services to revive them (we have our current revive command set to a role that is applied to all Fire/EMS/LEO). If someone dies out of AOP, they must wait out a 2 minute timer and can use respawn.

What I would like to do is restrict the use of the /revive command behind our emergency role as opposed to just setting a long timer on revive and giving the emergency role the bypass perm.

You could try to put a “IsPlayerAceAllowed” in the

RegisterCommand("revive", function(source, args, rawCommand)
  local src = source;
  if #args == 0 and IsPlayerAceAllowed(src, "perm") then 
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I have tried these codes with no luck

how can i change the color of it

Anyone got a postal map that works with this?

How to i change spawn point or respawn point ?

Client.lua line 150

Can someone help me connect this to his ace perms??