[Release] BadgerReports (Reports through discord and in-game)

and where do we do this?

How i can add steamId in discord message?

anyone ever get a solution for this?

It was never broken, It works fine for me so it could be a configuration error

server.cfg after you start/ensure all of your resources.

edit the webhook in the server.lua file to ping your role. The function is called sendToDisc around line 72.

Yes! Did you ever find a fix?

I am in the same boat with needing that fix

this script does not work its set up no errors and yet you cant do /report

did u fix it

Works fine for me 🤷

Try re installing the resource and double check your webhook and config

i got this too. did anyone find a fix?

it wont work for me

May not fix it, but I tried, so first delete all of those, then copy this and paste it

add_ace group.staff BadgerReports.See allow

Also make sure you have DiscordAcePerms installed, after that make sure that the roles are setup correctly and that there is no errors in any of the scripts.

Hey I was wondering if anyone knew of a way for example:

If a player did /report [player ID] RDM

In the webhook it would should not only the discord tag of the person who made the report BUT ALSO the discord tag of the person being reported?

love it

anyone has a youtube video over how to install it im new and dont understand much about it. thank you

Is there a option to remove that give your id by making a report is required? How can i do it?

Installed already? If not send me a pm, i can help