[Release] BadgerEssentials v2 - Essential HUD script for RP servers | Ragdoll | RP-Revive | Announce command | Customisable

it uses fxmanifest.lua. resource.lua is outddated. if you dont have fxmanifest, its cos you ignored the readdme and downloaded source code.

hay guys im new to deving how do i add this do i put the file in my resorces or scripts

You have to install the script in your server resources folder

ok i did that but whats the name of the file do i put the entire file name

what a joke this is

maybe make a video on how to do it instead of just saying your doing it wrong

Yeah its like he dosent care and make a video

And as I said on the other post, how sad do you have to be to just go on a script and say not to use it, lying by saying that it doesn’t work for absolutely no reason. Ace perms? I told him to google a guide cos it is super easy to find, top result and would help him BETTER with perms than I could. Video? I don’t want to do that nor should I need to for a drag and drop install resource. Grow up