[RELEASE] Badger_Tackle & Badger_Doorlock [NO ESX REQUIRED]

You refer to the door name inside your MLO use the name GetHashKey applied to ObjHash

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It’s not built for Vrp but if there’s any values you need to bring in just use an export.

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How do you add more doors to it?

You need to have the info of the doors to add them. Such as object hash, ect. Some of that information you can find inside folders for an MLO. However, most of my MLO come from Gabz 10/10 creator. He provides doorlock information.

when I added a cell door to the lock/unlock script it works but the door stays open it wont shut? Any one else have this issue?

hey so i found this script it says its by you and it says no esx required but it wont work in my server any advice???

I have seen some doors have a reposition.
I would like to add this to newly added doors, is this possible? And if so how?

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I have an issue: "SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/schedueler.lua:881 no such export GetDiscordRoles in resource Badger_Discord_API

edit: works fine, though when doors are locked, they are stuck at a 90 degree angle

Found a fix for that?

nope I gave up