[RELEASE] Badger-Priorities (A better Priority Cooldown script)

It updates in live time, updates every 5 seconds, so that won’t be an issue. It may even update every single game tick, forgot how I did it. I had that issue in the one we used too, so I figured I’ll just make a new one that works better and has permission support.

To answer your question in short, yes.

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no… thats probaly why… does it need discord perms or just the steam thing?

Just Ace Permissions

1 last question (sorry!!!). I just looked at the demo video again and noticed you have what appears to be Faxes AOP script that includes peacetime. I know just enough about coding to break stuff and kinda understand what I’m reading so I don’t know if this is even possible but I was wondering if it would be possible for this to automatically set PeaceTime when cooldown or onhold is used and turn off peacetime when resetpcd is used or when the cooldown timer runs out?

2 questions:

  1. Is there a single ace I can add to grant all permissions or do I need to add all of them? (we are using your Discord Ace perms resource)
  2. We have a discord logs resource and I was wondering if this would show in the logs? Our current priority script does not and we have had times where On Hold or In Progress would be turned off and we could never tell if it was the resource being buggy or if someone was turning it off
  1. All command permissions are: Badger-Priorities.Commands

  2. Your logs should log commands and then you can tell who ran what commands

The whole point of Priority Cooldown is to keep PeaceTime disabled by the way. So sadly, I will not be adding a functionality for PeaceTime. I don’t use Faxes AOP script actually, I use my script Badssentials in the video ([RELEASE] Badssentials (Your essential HUD script) {ALL IN ONE})

Thanks for the reply! The one thing I like about PeaceTime was that it prevented people from ignoring the PCD/POH and killing eachother anyways (at least mostly prevents as they can still run people over). Someone before me modified our current Priority script to do a similar block, but it’s hit or miss, mostly miss, which is why we added the peacetime function but I also completely understand where you are coming from on that as well with trying to prevent the need for PeaceTime

We do a lot of state wide patrolling. Is there any way the script could have a city and county side at the same time? Thats the only issue we have with the original script.

Different priorities for different areas?

Great script! One question… Whenever you set it to Priority in Progress it shifts the whole thing somewhat left - is there anyway to stop it from doing that, so it holds a single place and just adds on the right of it?

I’ve moved it’s default location into our HUD area, and it cuts into the map whenever PIP is activated. I can provide a visual if I’m not articulating it quite right.

It’s most likely because of the text justification for centering which is why it was moreso meant for the top of the screen. If you want to get rid of text centering (which should fix your problem), comment out the following line and enjoy [found in client.lua in the Draw2DText() function]:

Worked perfectly. Thank you for your assistance.

A great script. It would be good if emergency vehicles could be exempt from the over 80mph warning that pops up on screen.

Ye I eventually wanted to add that. Like if it’s part of the emergency category, then it doesn’t display for that individual. Add-on vehicles probably wouldn’t be included, but I could add a bypass list people could edit to add Add-on vehicles into if that works though.

Where could I put the perms is it a seperate file or what?

How do I setup the minutes parameters? I want to have it count down from 10 minutes after I say /priority

You just do /cooldown <time>

Im sorry but im kinda confused… where do you put these?

add_ace group.trialmoderator Badger-Priorities.ResetPCD allow
add_ace group.trialmoderator Badger-Priorities.InProgress
add_ace group.trialmoderator Badger-Priorities.OnHold allow
add_ace group.trialmoderator Badger-Priorities.Cooldown allow
add_ace group.trialmoderator Badger-Priorities.Commands allow

server.cfg works

is there a way for when someone activates the priority their name will show with the text it helps a lot to see who activated it.