[Release] Area of Patrol - Set AOP - Ft. Draw Text, Peacetime & More [AOP] [3.4]


i havent touched anything and it does this after i setup my discord perms and everything and ther correct What do i do?

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@FAXES Is there a way to change the font size?

its a ok thing

mabe i dont now

dats sad

try this
add_ace group.admin administrator allow

add_principal identifier.steam:11000010e6c5cd5 group.admin

add_ace Fax.AOP faxes.aopcmds allow

add_principal identifier.steam:11000010e6c5cd5 Fax.AOP

It says insufficient permissions

there is a problem i try and do the steam hex and my steam is open but it says incuficant per

Hate to revive an older topic, but I want just an AOP not Pt or all that, but I like this one, Can I remove the other stuff and just have AOP or no?

PT can be disabled in the config.

does this still work as i cant get my discord perms to work ??


Discord doesn’t work anymore. I plan to update it when I have some time. ACE perms should still function though.

i have these setting and when i load in it says i have no perms

Im having an issue with the AOP portion of this script. I have the AOP auto-set for population (if 5 people are in the server, AOP is paleto, is 10, blaine county, etc.) because there isn’t enough staff in my server to always be in the server to manually change the aop. Im not sure if this conflicts with commands, because when I am in-game and try to change the AOP, the aop WILL change for a few seconds, then revert back to the original AOP. For example, if the AOP is automatically paleto bay and I change it to Los Santos, the AOP will change to los santos but then change back to paleto bay. Sorry for the lengthy message