[Release] Area of Patrol - Set AOP - Ft. Draw Text, Peacetime & More [AOP] [3.4]

i cant use the commands it says insufficient permissions

How can I disable the UI when the player is in any helicopter?

Im not too sure but i was able to get mine custom with AOPy = 1.350

Screenshot (15) How do I fix this? I already have DiscordPerms configed. @FAXES

Not sure but i was able to get it with AOPy = 1.350

Hey i have a liddle problem with FAX-AOP,
I am Dev on a Server where i wanted to install fax-aop and when loading in-game it didnt show up at all. I had a look in the corners of by screen and tryed to restart the game and stop it then start it again. When not knowing to do anymore i desided to put the script on my Test-Server (FXSERVER), it then worked fine, i do not know why it does not work.
Could someone help me?

Would you ever consider changing from discordroles to badgers discord api because I have tired doing this

exports['discord_perms']:isRolePresent(src, discordRoleIds, function(hasRole, roles)

From discordroles to discord_perms and I have also tried changing it to Badgers discord api so like this

exports['Badger_Discord_API]:isRolePresent(src, discordRoleIds, function(hasRole, roles)

And still doesn’t work is there anything else I need to change because I don’t want to rely on what I don’t use and your script is the only good AOP script out there

Is there a way to link this with badger ace perms?? i’ve been tying to figure it out for a while, and i keep getting a “isrolepresent” error. Could anyone help with this??

how do i move it upwards?

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Like changing the position of the text???

How do I set Up discord roles can someone help me step by step?