[Release] AntiCheese Anticheat

so why do peds despawn when i go around them?

same here

What shoud i do with Enabling/Disabling Components

can you help me people are getting banned for spawning in cars

Hello, does anyone know how i can add a ,Adminmenu for this,

I banned my self by using noclip, i deleted cache, and im not banned on the database. Please help.

Goes of easy admin bans.

Go into EasyAdmin, then banlist and remove yourself

can this be used to stop blimps and choppers from spawning, which are falling from the skies

Question, how do I direct the notifications for hacking to a specific discord channel?

How can I customize the Console ban length?
I found this section of code but I don’t know how to define this number:

I have a problem i took guns from staff v menu and the anticheat banned me !!?