[RELEASE] Anti-Health spawning

Just a quick thing I did during my class. This should help stop people spawning in health probably, haven’t fully tested it but hopefully it helps a few people.

This script uses Exports to give/remove health .

Disabled health bag pick up to stop cheaters dropping health bags on players


is this like when they chaning PED from Vmenu do not increase their health?


No this hopefully prevents a few cheaters spawning in health

spawning in health? what this supposed to mean?

Like healing yourself using a mod menu

does it work with esx?

If its setup correctly then should do

How exactly does it work? So if player heals himself in legal ways, he will get punished?

Basically if you want heal a player / use a bandage or something else, it has to be done by adding exports that adds health?

yes, Example:

SetEntityHealth(playerPed, maxHealth)

should be changed to

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This is smart solution :+1:t2: