[RELEASE] Almost All GTA 5/ONLINE vehicles! + Los Santos Tuners DLC

@Leaksy So, I’m getting this error right now.

This is what Line 161 looks like. My database is currently named
like so.

My server-side main.lua has already been adjusted to fit with the change you suggested prior.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Disregard! One of my custom cars had a misspelled category and that was causing the error!

Oh ok, just saw your edit!

Does it do any lag?

Uh, its just an sql file… So nope, it should cause any lag.


It looks awesome…
But i just took a short look at the SQL file, I Guess you need to change the last line of the vehicles.

('warrener2', 'warrener2', 20000, 'Sports');

(‘warrener2’, ‘warrener2’, 20000, ‘sports’);

But anyway good job and very friendly of you to share a list without “Killer Cars” that make your town to a hell full of Supercars with Missiles and Machineguns!

Woopsie, had a small amout of misspellings. Fixed them now thanks to you and iSentrie.
And it’s an honor to be apart of the FiveM community and share this kind of simple stuff that help hundreds if not thousands of developers across the globe!

I Am not sure about this one.
Do you want the “impaler2” on the street?
For me it looks like one of those killer cars I was talking about XD

You should look at your db again

(‘comet6’, ‘comet6’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘dominator7’, ‘dominator7’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘dominator8’, ‘dominator8’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘euros’, ‘euros’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘futo2’, ‘futo2’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘rt3000’, ‘rt3000’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘sultan3’, ‘sultan3’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘tailgater2’, ‘tailgater2’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘growler’, ‘growler’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘vectre’, ‘vectre’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘remus’, ‘remus’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘calico’, ‘calico’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘cypher’, ‘cypher’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘jester4’, ‘jester4’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘zr350’, ‘zr350’, 2000 ‘sports’),
(‘previon’, ‘previon’, 2000 ‘sports’),

It should look like this

(‘comet6’, ‘comet6’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘dominator7’, ‘dominator7’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘dominator8’, ‘dominator8’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘euros’, ‘euros’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘futo2’, ‘futo2’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘rt3000’, ‘rt3000’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘sultan3’, ‘sultan3’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘tailgater2’, ‘tailgater2’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘growler’, ‘growler’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘vectre’, ‘vectre’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘remus’, ‘remus’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘calico’, ‘calico’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘cypher’, ‘cypher’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘jester4’, ‘jester4’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘zr350’, ‘zr350’, 2000, ‘sports’),
(‘previon’, ‘previon’, 2000, ‘sports’),

Updated - Removed.

Updated - Added Commas.

I Have spend alot of hours but I did test all the cars.
Have you fould all the Killer Cars ? - I Have :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, i have double checked again… Still haven’t figured out what those cars are. But even if i did have them in my vehicleshop script the anticheat will ban the player since they are blacklisted. Mind sending a list of the vehicles you found out that are killer cars?

There isn’t any need for this. Enforce gamebuild to mptuners.

Mind explaining?

anyone know where i can get the handling file los santos tuners ?

OPENIV, and start digging in the GTA 5 files. Or a download link that people sent for the cars… one of those two should do the job!