[Release] AdvancedParking - Park any vehicle anywhere! (Prevents Despawns!)

You can use it :slight_smile: Thats why i made it

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Hello Kiminaze, first of all ty for ur awesome script it worked without any problem on my server, I changed some part of the script so I can only used it for owned vehicles, do you allow me to share my changes here ? :nerd_face:

BTW If u could update ur discord link it would be super :stuck_out_tongue: I tried to join it, but it’s not a permanent link so this one has expired :frowning_face:

I would like that… looking to purchase but needed it to work only for owned vehicles

I have it working for ESX if u buy it :wink:

Hi guy,

Thank you for your nice script.
But I’ve got trouble with it, the old cars are not deleted by the cleanup function.
I tried to change the delay but nothing happend.

Thank you for your help

Would love to have it only for owned vehicles.
if you could share the parts you changed would be awesome. If you pm me i can invite you to dc.

Is being worked on and will be in the next official version :slight_smile:

New update fixing a lot of issues!

How do I get this latest update? I went through my initial download link but it was for version 2.4.1 I believe.

My bad, I just forgot to update the version in the fxmanifest.lua.
If you can see the update in the patchnotes in the readme, then you already have v2.5.
I’ll update the version now :smiley:

Awesome thanks.

Last update there was a few times cars would double spawn, is that issue fixed?

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I had the same issue. Sometimes there was one with the right license plate and one with a random plate. I’d like to know that too

Things like this are 99% caused by the license plates. AdvancedParking can only properly recognize normal plates (8 characters long).
E.g. if you have a license plate changer and you trigger the event that I provide, you need to make sure to make the plates filled with spaces (e.g. instead of "XXX 000" it should be "XXX 000 ")
Another issue can happen when the player gets set into a vehicle (e.g. buying it or taking it out of the garage) and the associated script changes the plate AFTER the player already sits in the vehicle. That should always be the other way around.

Other than that I would need EXACT reproduction steps. I have never seen this occuring on my own server.