[Release] Advanced nitro system

I put on turbo and max upgrades but it dosent work still

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It works on pretty much all the cars which kinda sucks since LEO vehicles have it. What version of ESX do you use?

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The script would be the best and perfect if someone could add nitro canister as an item with a nice UI.


please share this!

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can someone please help me install this

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Simply drag and drop the folder into your resources folder, then go into server.cfg. from there type ensure and or start, whichever you would like. followed by whatever the folder is named or whatever you name it to.

If you need more detailed help lmme know.

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Hey there, whenever I attempt to use this script I always have an issue with the keyboard inputs. I can get the script to work flawlessly with my controller, but every time I try to activate it on my keyboard nothing happens. I’ve attempted to change the input to something other than ALT, but nothing has worked at all. Anybody have any possible fixes?

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Waiting for that API update :raised_hands: :laughing:

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how can i get this to work with QBCore

Very Good script GG

Helllo goodday how to put timeout to use NOS Purge and Nitro the Unlimited to Use i want after 10 sec the NOS Purge and Nitro are STOP and refill in 1 minutes

I think nobody knows or wants to share that sadly

Its not working for me

i’ve shot you a DM, i hope to hear from you

Is there a way to pick what cars can use it so not every car has it

Is this standalone?

How can i remove the screen effect when using nos?

can you help me i cant get it to work

does anyone know why it only works on controller anad not keyboard