[RELEASE] Advanced Drug System [ESX]

Cant wait to have a look at this, ive been searching for a good drug script for a while

Looks very nice

This is exactly what i wanted

Is it easy to create new drugs?

Hello, yes it is, here is a template you can use to add new drugs:

Config.drugsRecipes = {
    -- min is the minimum amount of that ingredient needed
    -- max is the maximum amount of that ingredient that can be used
    -- perfect is a bonus that the player receives if the quantities of the ingredients are in the perfect quantity (must be between min and max)
    drugItemName_1 = {
        ["ingredient_1"] = {min = 1, max = 10, perfect = 5},
        ["ingredient_2"] = {min = 1, max = 10, perfect = 5},
        ["ingredient_3"] = {min = 1, max = 10, perfect = 5},
    drugItemName_2 = {
        ["ingredient_1"] = {min = 15, max = 10, perfect = 5},
        ["ingredient_5"] = {min = 5, max = 20, perfect = 15},
        ["ingredient_3"] = {min = 2, max = 4, perfect = 6},

Can I create as many drugs as I want?

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Yes, you can use the template I sent in the message before your one to create drugs

Cool smoke :yum:

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Can smoke color be changed?

Hi, yes, currently it’s random but it can be changed in a RGB color you prefer

Update 1.3

  • Added possibility to sell drugs to NPCs

Update 1.4

  • Police will be called if NPC doesn’t accept the sell
  • Added time in sh_config.lua to NPC sell (not instant anymore)
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Can players buy these drugs from other players? Lets say i want to run a drug economy between players. Can i purchse the drugs off the players and they give me drugs?


Hello, the script will provide the items and players can buy it from each others

Update 1.5

  • When a player uses wrong ingredients, a fire will start on around (you can enable/disable in cl_config.lua)
  • Fixed compatibility issues with older ESX versions for NPC selling
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Is it 100% sure that recipes can’t be revealed from cheaters?

Hello, recipes are handled from server side, so cheaters won’t be able to know recipes from client files

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Well, thanks a lot

You are welcome :+1: