[RELEASE] [ADD-ON] High Quality, Luxury Car Pack!

Here I am back with a another Release, I’ll probably Release more later. These conversions were made for a server I develop and I’ve decided to Release it!

Before you download I just want to make clear that I do NOT own these vehicles, all i did was convert them from GTA5-MODS to FiveM just so it’s easier for people to just drag and drop into their resource folder and get on with their day!


Vehicles (CLICK ME)

How to install:
Just drag each folder into your resource folder and in your server.cfg just do “start (name of car folder)” for each car.

And there you go another release another day i hope you like it! if you have issues with the cars themselves make a post and I’ll see what the problems are.


Remove the rolls and it will be moved

Do not reupload this mod on any webside without my authorization. ~ Rolls release

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I don’t believe your release will be moved until you remove the discord link.

Eh… Not really a release but some people that don’t know how to RIP cars will be thankful. BTW I’ll tell you before a mod does, you can’t have discord links in release posts. It’s stated at the top of the release catagory.

Yeah, sorry about that I misunderstood the rules.

I’ve removed the Rolls, I apologise about that I didn’t pay enough attention. won’t happnen again :slight_smile:

i’ve removed the rolls sorry about that

Moved to release…

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Only one of the cars work Bmw one can u fix it

Can you specify the error? Like can you screenshot your console (F8) when you try to load the car?

It’s not a pack. A pack is something like this:

You just converted 4 cars and put their add-on folders in a single folder.

I can make it a pack (a real one) if you want.

  • Check add-on kit ID’s and be sure you don’t have any add-on on the server using the same ID.
  • Be sure to have the add-on car started in server.cfg.
  • Be sure to use the correct model name to spawn.

AAQ4 dont work for me, idk why.

might have something to do with it having 0 vehicles.meta.

Imagens pls

Spawn Codes?

Look in the vehicles.meta file

what are there spawn codes bc i am stuck on the cayenne