[Release] Abarth 500 Liberty Walk Pxx [PAID]

Hey everyone,

Today I’m listing a **Abarth 500 Liberty Walk Pxx **.
This car come whet custom design in the interior whet some nice sound system to!

Converted to gta 5 from : PixxaDesign

3D Model and BodyKits made whet 3ds max.

This vehicle is FiveM Ready, meaning you can drag and drop the folder into your resource folder.

Once paid, you will receive an email with your order details + the product.

VIDEO: DMCA PROTECTED - Abarth 500 Liberty Walk

PHOTO: https://i.imgur.com/Cm3TEwu.png

STORE: Buy Here

PRICE: 25.00€

CUSTOM ORDERS: If you are interested on a custom build get more info on my tebex store!

Click on link for more info


LOL 25.00€ for a car

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25.00€ is wayyyy too much for a single car police cars sell for 5€ each so i would sell yours for 10€

New Price just for short time!

whats the poly count on this?


now its for 15€

its on 15€ now


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bruh its a single car who pays 15 dollars for a single car jsjsjs


already 17 persons soo xd

sick modeling

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New buy link! https://pixxadesign.tebex.io/package/4454353

nice car but i can’t be paying £25 for 1 car, its a bit outrageous