[Release] 4 Carrying Types

¿what is this?

Standalone PLEASE!


hey there! sweet script. are you able to add the menu ta a other menu. like f3 and then select to open the menu. and if so, what event should i trigger?

Very nice. Makes things more easy to use, not needing five different commands for each thing

Possible to carry npcs?

Getting this error. I have Von Crastenburg hotel and it had it’s own NativeUI. How can I edit it so I don’t get this in my console? It works but…yeah

[ c-scripting-core] InvokeNative: execution failed: Argument at index 1 was null.
[script:aot_piggyback] SCRIPT ERROR: Execution of native 000000002f7a49e6 in script host failed: Argument at index 1 was null.
[script:aot_piggyback] > [global chunk] (TriggerClientEventInternal.lua:3)
[script:aot_piggyback] > handler (@aot_piggyback/server/main.lua:44)

make QB script too please

qbcore pls