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Still Looking for Active members!

Bump! Looking for Department Heads!

Hiring for all departments today!



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Please Read Before Joining

If you are looking for a fully established and always active server, We are probably not what are your looking for JUST YET. But We’ll get there.

Getting back into FiveM After a break for work. Here’s My Latest Project!
If you’re interested in joining a server that is starting with a fresh slate (16+ for Member), then come give us a shot! We are actively looking to build our Admin Team, and Staff Team (Must be 18+).

If you have any questions, DM Me on Discord! NoahArzi#9160

This is a great server. If you guys want some maturity, people to make friends, and want a chance to run a department and or become CoC of one, join today!

The following department head positions are open.

  • LSPD
  • SAFD
  • SACD
  • CIV

SAFD and SACD department head positions are open. We are hiring CoC for all department currently.

Hiring CoC first come, first promoted.

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Bump! SACD and BCSO head positions open! We are also hiring CoC for all departments!

Join today! Redwood Roleplay

Bump! Still hiring SACD and BCSO heads and CoC for all other departments!