[Reduced Price]-[PAID] Ax-Radial Menu, Almost For Every Framework

um join the cord from my tebex or hit me a dm .
ill help you out

Will do!

Is there a way to adapt the work section to the job? Something like “If Job == police xxxx else xxxx;”. It would be great if you also tell me how it works (:

the work section is already job based, if you can see the client side it takes the job and adds the menu if the condition is satisfied
you can set the job config in config.lua

shoulds great! thanks a lot :smiley:

Does this have the ability to WALK AROUND while it’s opened? And how big are the server side files/callbacks. (Don’t want to overload myself when i buy (If the price drops lower) and merge it with my other UI scripts for my server) lol.

yes it does! and its doesnt have any server side since it is standalone :slight_smile:

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Your tebex is broken

whats the issue @DELUXE_DLX

Says not available or something like that, when you try to buy

can you attach the ss please