[REDM] Prop Manipulation

I need some help if anyone would be so kind. I am attaching a shovel to my character to dig. I can’t get the prop to rotate in any direction when I change the values. Here is the setup for my prop, I have tried large numbers, small numbers, decimals and negatives and the prop is locked on my hand and will not change it’s rotation in any direction, also will not change it’s offset in any direction. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. I have also tried other hand and wrist bones and it won’t rotate when attached to any wrist or hand bone I have tried. Thanks:
AttachEntityToEntity(object1, playerPed, Config.StashesProp.BoneID, Config.StashesProp.PX, Config.StashesProp.PY, Config.StashesProp.PZ, Config.StashesProp.PRX, Config.StashesProp.PRY, Config.StashesProp.PRZ, false, false, true, false, 0, true, false, false)

Config.StashesProp = { --Delivery box prop

    ["PropID"] = `p_shovel01x`, --prop hash

    ["BoneID"] = 335, --Male bone id

    ["PX"] = 0, --Male bone X pos

    ["PY"] = 0,--Male bone Y pos

    ["PZ"] = 0,--Male bone Z pos

    ["PRX"] = 0, --Male bone X rotate

    ["PRY"] = 90,--Male bone Y rotate

    ["PRZ"] = 0,--Male bone Z rotate